In the winter of 2022, our formation team embarked on a mission to create a new type of networking platform that would bring women together from our local area, and even the United States at large. We envisioned a space where women could connect and engage in meaningful conversations that would lead to personal and professional growth.

As we delved deeper into our mission, we discovered that the existing networking platforms had several limitations, including high costs, lack of diversity, and little emphasis on personal and professional development. We were determined to create a platform that would address these challenges and create a supportive community that would enable women to grow and succeed.

After months of brainstorming and planning, we finally launched our LIFT WOMEN UP Networking Group. Our primary aim is to empower women to gain confidence in themselves, regardless of their professional journey’s stage. We believe that by providing a supportive environment, we can help women reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

We understand that learning and growth are essential components of personal and professional development. That’s why we’ve created several opportunities for our members to learn and grow throughout the year. We’ve organized workshops, webinars, and masterclasses led by experienced professionals to equip our members with the skills they need to move to the next level.

Moreover, our networking events are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations that enable our members to connect, share ideas and experiences, and gain insights into the latest industry trends. We believe that by building a diverse and supportive community, we can help women overcome the challenges they face and achieve their goals.

In summary, our LIFT WOMEN UP Networking Group is more than just a platform for women to connect; it’s a community that fosters personal and professional growth, empowers women to gain confidence in themselves, and provides opportunities to learn and develop new skills. We’re committed to supporting women at every stage of their journey and helping them reach their full potential.

Attendance is free for your first meeting. After that, we will ask that you join, or pay $10 to attend.